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It all began in 2011 as an informal meeting of attorneys gathered in Donna Peel’s kitchen. Most had entered new phases in their legal careers: They were caring for family, considering retirement, or transitioning to new jobs. They all were looking for a way to use their experience to help provide free legal services to those in need.


More than 85 percent of the civil legal needs of low-income Americans go unmet every year. The legal aid community cannot meet the large and increasing demand for its services. And yet many attorneys want to provide pro bono legal services, but they lack a workable model to do so.


PBN was founded to provide a link between the client and legal aid community needs and the attorneys who want to help. We remove barriers and provide a support structure to make it easier for volunteer attorneys to help low-income people receive critical legal services.


Since its founding, PBN has expanded access to justice for clients and access to volunteerism for attorneys and other professionals interested in supporting our mission and vision.

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