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2023 Justice Boot Camp Session Descriptions

Racial Equity

Austin Walk-In Clinic

Learn how to participate in our monthly Austin Walk in Clinics, including how to interview a client and how the on-site staff attorneys assist in helping you provide immediate advice to the client.  This is a great “one and done” clinic where every client leaves better with concrete advice and next steps on how to deal with their legal issue.


Learn how to draft sealing and expungement petitions to assist people wanting to rid their "permanent record" of these past convictions allowing them to move on with their lives, obtaining employment and housing. 

Incarcerated Survivors

Learn how to work with an incarcerated domestic violence survivor offering non-criminal legal advice and assistance, with issues ranging from DCFS questions to divorce and even post-conviction remedies.  This is a completely virtual project that makes a huge difference for the client.

Family Law

Order of Protection Litigation

Learn how to assist a person in need of obtaining an order of protection against their abuser.  You will get litigation experience while also providing crucial services to a client in need. 

Simple Divorce

Learn how to assist someone needing a simple divorce (no minor children and no major assets or debts to distribute.)  This is a great project for someone wanting client contact and wanting to help in this seriously underrepresented legal aid need.  

Guardianship Litigation Project

Learn how to assist a family in need of obtaining guardianship over their soon-to-be adult child.  This is a great project for someone wanting a low stress litigation experience. 


Elder Law

Cook County Senior Clinics

Learn how to staff our in-person and virtual Cook County Senior Clinics and how to draft wills and powers of attorney for low income Cook County residents.

DuPage & Virtual Will and Advance Directive Clinics

Learn how to conduct a virtual intake and how to draft wills and powers of attorney. Completing these documents allows the client to feel confident knowing their affairs are in order. 


UVISA Applications

Learn how to complete a U-VISA Immigration application for an undocumented crime victim who assisted in the arrest or prosecution of their assailant.

Asylum Clinics

Learn how to complete an Asylum application for an undocumented person looking to receive asylum in the United States and learn how to complete an Employment Authorization Document application to allow the undocumented person work legally as they await the Immigration Court decision.

Advance Parole

Learn how to complete an Advance Parole application for an undocumented young adult looking to leave the country temporarily to visit a sick relative or attend school.  

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