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What a difference 10 years makes

In 2021, PBN celebrates 10 years of creating meaningful change in our community. During that time, our mission-driven commitment to clients and volunteers has not wavered. Even as a global pandemic upended much of how we all live and work, and as longstanding racial injustices were catapulted to the foreground of our collective consciousness, PBN has continued to meet challenges with resolve, and with the same creativity and dedication upon which we were founded.

In our impact statement, Celebrating 10 Years: 2011-2021, we share information about our unique model, our legal aid programs, our partners and supporters, and most importantly, our impact – both in numbers and real stories from clients whose lives have been transformed with the help of PBN’s free legal services. View Impact Statement >

A new logo marks the 10-year anniversary, honors mission and symbolizes unwavering commitment

PBN marked its 10year anniversary with the introduction of a new logo. The updated logo features a hummingbird, a symbol of the hope we have invoked over the years in honor of our mission to expand access to legal aid, and in celebration of our volunteers’ contributions. Centering this symbol communicates our unwavering dedication and commitment to making a positive impact.

ProBono Network Logo-Tag.png

Be a Hummingbird

PBN has long been inspired by the story of the hummingbird, as told by Wangari Maathai. Our work embodies the tiny bird’s determination to fight a forest fire that has left other animals overwhelmed, paralyzed, and doubtful of its ability to make a difference. Unruffled by their skepticism, the hummingbird does the best it can, even if small compared with what other animals might (but don’t) do. By acting, the hummingbird achieves a great impact.


From modest beginnings a decade ago, PBN resolved to make a significant, positive impact in the lives of clients by leveraging and supporting the meaningful engagement of volunteers, and we have done just that. Our updated logo expresses our continued, unwavering commitment to, as Maathai says, “be a hummingbird.”

See our latest Donor Impact Report.

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