Lawyers in the Classroom

with Chicago Bar Association

Lawyers in the Classroom provides students with the opportunity to learn civics from lawyers in active, developmentally-appropriate classes.


Volunteer attorneys go to grade school classrooms several times a year to give students a better understanding of the U.S. Constitution, our legal system, and law-related careers.  


One teacher wrote this about one of our classes:


"My students were thrilled to have actual attorneys come in to guide the discussions. As a teacher watching the discussions, I was amazed at how well the attorneys did at pulling each ‘juror’ into the discussion. . .In addition, this activity allowed all students to successfully take part in governance regardless of their academic abilities. J, one of my students below grade level, was very active in debating the evidence with the other "jurors" in his group. Rarely does J speak out with his own ideas during group discussions. It was wonderful to see him be an equal part of the group."


And we thought we were just teaching a class.