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Incarcerated Mothers Clinic


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PBN Project Manager:

Robin Spencer

CGLA Legal Aid Supervisor:

Alexis Mansfield

PBN Director of Programming:

Sheila Pont

708-665-3359 - work

708-202-9799 - cell

Preparing For Your Visit

What To Do Before You Go

  • Review client casenotes and attachments from Legal Server

  • Check Sheriff’s website for client status and location

  • Check Clerk’s website for any domestic relations/probate cases and print out relevant information

After Your Jail Visit

What To Do

  • Input all Intake Forms and casenotes into Legal Server within 48 hours (and please cc Alexis, Project Manager AND Legal Server casefile).

  • Contact the relevant agencies and persons (DCFS, family members, biological parents, distant relatives etc)  as agreed to with the client.

  • Make a notation in Legal Server for every phone call (made or attempted), letter mailed etc.  It is important for CGLA to have the most current information to passs along to the client if she calls into the CGLA offices.

Additional Resources

How To Write a Closing Letter

  • Use a sample letter and envelope below for formatting and address information.

  • For the content of the closing letter:

    • First, recount the discussion you had with the client when you visited. Be very precise when describing what was discussed in the visit.

    • Second, explain what you did as follow up on the visit

    • Third, advise. Avoid using legal jargon and spell out exactly what the client should do and her priorities. Remember your audience.

    • Try to provide a good 2-page letter that provides abundant information and is thorough regarding your visit and the follow up.

  • Finally, close however you are comfortable (I always wish them the best or give words of encouragement if they are working hard) and include CGLA's collect phone number to use while they are incarcerated: (312) 675-0911.

  • Upload the draft letter for approval by Alexis and copy the Project Manager as well to ensure it gets approved in a timely manner!

Sample Letters

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