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In Memoriam

We are grateful to the families who designated Pro Bono Network as their memorial beneficiary.  We also are grateful to all those friends and family members who made donations. 
Howard Wax

As a PBN volunteer, Howard represented survivors of violence in obtaining visas, and he helped incarcerated mothers support and contact their children.  Howard played a valuable role in bringing legal services to those who cannot afford representation or access justice.


Steve Altarescu & Laurie Levy

Doug Anderson & Mary Barnicle

Sue Arends

Shari Baum

Judith Beiner

Susan Boone

Mary Brenner

Miriam Bronstein

Lauri Carey

Christy Chapman

Chai Mitzvah

The Cloutier family: Nina, Lisa,

  Nicole, Lynn

Mark & Kristen Coe

Elizabeth & Madeline Cohen

Helen Cohn

Kristin Collins

Evelyn, Mary Ann, &

    Allan Colquhoun

Rebecca Cowing & Lee Kantz

Judith Dagys

Bill & Karen Disch

Sue Dodell

Steve & Vanessa Druckman

Adam Dubin

Louisa Elder

Samuel Feinsmith

Joel Fink

Judy Fletcher

Fran Gerstein

Lisa Goldstein

Frederick Gorrell

Elizabeth Granoff

Fern Griesbach

Lee Griesbach & David Miller

Roslyn Griesbach

Linda E. Gustavson

Margret Gustavson

The Hampe Family

Steven & Neil Joachim

Jonah Sherman Family Fund

Ameet Kini

Sherry Kohn

Lessin family

Leven Blum Family Giving Fund

Little Company of Mary Hospital--

   Laboratory staff

Little Company of Mary

   Hospital-Pathology staff

Susan Lucci

Sharon Marcisz

Marc Margolius

Kristin McClimen Bell

Alison & Greg McConnell

Sophie Miron

Debbie Miyashiro

Susan Musinsky & David Krieger

Stephen C. Neeley

Jill Niewoehner

Andrew Noonan

Tom Novack

Robert Noven & Steven Pearson

Franklin Nussbaum

Abby Ohl and Arthur Ellis

Fran Olmsted

Linda Oppenheim &

   Robert Karp

Karen Lee Osborne

Donna Peel

Robert Personett &

   Alan Hommerding

Jean Pooley

Robert Pooley

Annika Rothbaum

Roberta Saunders

Eric Schoenfeld & Fred Gorrell

Ben Shefter

Carla Sloan

Joyce Stein

Mary Jo Taira

Timothy Trotter

Bradley Watson & Jason Steele

Debra Wax

Drew Wax

Marilyn & Sandy Wax

Scott Wechsler


Nina Woldin

Jill Zimmerman

Howard Wax
Dwight Adams

Dwight was a highly respected Chicago attorney for over 50 years.  His family named PBN in light of his involvement in the legal community.


Tali Alburkerk

Michael Burmeister

Katherine Cowett

Richard Cowett

Sharon Regan Durfey

Christen Hammersley

Jackie High

Brad & Nicole Kennedy

Greg Marino

Sheila Pont

Audrey Rosenblatt

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